The Royal Spanish Coverup_coverIn 1925, the Royal Spanish Academy (Real Academia Española) betrayed its protégé, the Castilian language, which has always been —and continues to be— the most widely used Spanish language used worldwide. After 14 properly named editions of its Dictionary and 433 years after the publication of the first Castilian Grammar book, the Royal Spanish Academy removed the proper name from the cover of the Dictionary, as part of a plot where Francisco Franco would later become a co-conspirator. Since 1978, the Royal Spanish Academy has been acting in violation of the Spanish Constitution and has been disrespecting the national heritage.

This multimedia ebook contains irrefutable evidence, and includes:

• 8 voices
• 6 audio clips
• 1 HD video clip with 3D timeline
• fragments of 3 related songs

It also includes a foreword by Spaniard journalist Irene Jiménez Miragaya.
This multimedia ebook is also available in Castilian (castellano) as El encubrimiento de la Real Academia.
Allan Tépper is also the author of The Castilian Conspiracy, which is available in paperback and ebook.

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